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New Listing on EXMO – Ontology (ONT) and Ontology Gas (ONG)

We are happy to announce that EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform will add new assets to the platform’s listing – Ontology (ONT) and Ontology Gas (ONG). Users of the platform will be able to trade in ONG/EXM, ONG/BTC, ONG/RUB, ONG/UAH, ONT/EXM, ONT/BTC, ONT/RUB, ONT/UAH pairs.

EXMO Update

Please note:  Ontology (ONT) and Ontology Gas (ONG) would be added to the listing on 05th February 2020. On the same day Deposits and Withdrawals will be available in the Wallet section.

ONT Price


Start of ONG/EXM, ONТ/EXM Trading is scheduled on 07th February, 15:00 UTC.

Trading for ONG/BTC, ONG/RUB, ONG/UAH, ONT/BTC, ONT/RUB, ONT/UAH pairs will start on 10th February, 15:00 UTC.

About Ontology (ONT) and Ontology Gas (ONG)

Ontology and Ontology Gas are inextricably tied.

ONT was created in 2017 by the Chinese corporation OnChain. It is a public blockchain project with an idea to use many distributed ledgers and systems based on smart contracts. Ontology platform technology allows implementing trust mechanisms and adapts them to the needs of companies and corporations. In other words, the project protocol opens the door for the global implementation of blockchain technology to business. It removes the threshold of entry and offers opportunities for mass customization.

The main fuel of the ecosystem are Ontology (ONT) and Ontology Gas (ONG).

Ontology (ONT) is used to vote on system management issues. In total, 1 billion coins were generated on the first block, the coin amount remains unchanged.

Ontology Gas (ONG) – is used to pay for smart contracts. 1 billion coins will be generated within 22 years. New coins are distributed among all ONT holders.

Risk Warning

EXMO recalls that cryptocurrency investments are at high risk. EXMO team is trying all the best to ensure that only reliable cryptocurrencies are traded on the platform. Please, be attentive, the company is not responsible for your losses as a result of trading operations. Remember that each user is personally responsible when choosing a project for investment.

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