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LITE it up: trade LTC and unlock a unique achievement

Get a unique achievement in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Litecoin project – trade in pairs with LTC between 13th October 2021, 09:00 UTC and 14th October 2021, 09:00 UTC.

LTC achievement

On 13th October 2011, the Litecoin network went live. In celebration of the project’s birthday, we are launching a unique achievement that can only be unlocked today.

For ten years, the project has gained the trust of the crypto community. LTC is often referred to as a faster and more efficient alternative to bitcoin – the transaction speed of the Litecoin network is four times higher. Currently, LTC ranks 16th in the top cryptocurrencies list, in terms of capitalisation.

How to get the achievement

To “LITE it up”, buy or sell LTC for at least $50 in total, between 09:00 UTC on 13th October 2021 and 09:00 UTC on 14th October 2021.


The achievement will be credited within 24 hours and automatically displayed in the β€œAchievements” section of the EXMO web platform or in the β€œMore” tab of your mobile app.

You only have 24 hours! Add Litecoin to your portfolio to “LITE it up”! πŸ˜‰