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USDT ERC20, DASH and LTC Withdrawals/Deposits Are on Again

Our team continues to restore deposits and withdrawals of all cryptocurrencies. We have enabled deposits/withdrawals for USDT ERC 20, DASH and LTC.

EXMO обновления

We are doing our best to enable main functionality features for crypto assets on the platform. As promised, we inform you about updates:

  • USDT ERC20 deposits and withdrawals have been enabled. Deposit addresses remain old for all ERC20 tokens, including Tether. No need to generate new wallet addresses.
  • DASH and LTC deposits and withdrawals are open. Please note that DASH and LTC deposits sent to old addresses (created before 12/21/2020) after 12/31/2020 will not be credited. You need to generate a new wallet address before making deposits.

Due to the increased security measures, delays in cryptocurrency withdrawal operations may occur. Short-term shutdowns of overloaded withdrawal directions are possible.

More good news! Deposits and withdrawals of TRX and USDT TRC-20 are expected soon.

We will continue to inform you about any changes on the platform.