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ADA party animal: buy Cardano and get a unique achievement

We are launching a series of three unique achievements, celebrating the birthdays of major cryptocurrencies. Unlock the first achievement today and become an ADA Party Animal by purchasing 20 Cardano coins between 09:00 UTC 29th September and 09:00 UTC 30th September 2021.


Cardano celebrates its fourth anniversary today. On this occasion, we are launching a unique achievement that can only be unlocked in one day.

The project’s native coin, ADA, has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and has shown incredible growth during the last year — almost 1200%. It currently occupies third place in the top-10 coins by market capitalisation.

How to get the achievement

To earn the title ‘ADA Party Animal’, buy 20 ADA coins between 09:00 UTC on 29th September 2021 until 09:00 UTC on 30th September 2021.


The achievement will be automatically displayed in the “Achievements” section of the EXMO web platform or in the “More” tab of your mobile app.

This is the first achievement in the series of three, coming in the next few months! You only have 24 hours! Add Cardano to your portfolio and become the Party Animal of ADA’s birthday celebration! 😉