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Earn program update: new increased rates for ADA

Get ready for boosted profits in our Earn program. Starting 21st December 2023, you can now earn up to twice as much on your ADA holdings!

With the Earn program, you can receive regular rewards by simply holding crypto in your balance.

Rewards depend on the annual rate which is periodically adjusted based on the profitability of a particular network.

That’s why, starting on 21st December 2023, we’re updating the rates for cardano 👇

🔵 Basic level rate: from 1% to 2.5%
🔵 Advanced level rate: from 1.5% to 3%

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Why cardano?

Cardano is a blockchain platform that aims to provide a more secure and sustainable infrastructure for the development of decentralised applications (DApps) and smart contracts. It uses its own ADA token which currently ranks 8th, in terms of market capitalisation on CoinMarketCap.

On 6th December 2023, in just one day, ADA’s trading volume surged by 100%, and its market cap increased by $1 billion, reaching the $15.42 billion mark. This propelled the token to the 8th spot globally in terms of market capitalisation among all digital assets.

Santiment’s analysts note that the rapid growth of cardano began after 17th November when 34,900 small wallets were liquidated. About 98% of them held between 1 and 10 ADA.

As a result, the token’s price rose by 65%, and 9.41% in just one day between 11th and 12th December. At that point, cardano reached 57 cents, and the asset’s capitalisation jumped up to $20.12 billion.

How to start earning 👇

  1. Log in to your account or create one.
  2. Top up your balance with at least 10 ADA or simply buy them via Simple, Advanced Trade or the Buy Crypto section.
  3. Go to the Earn page, choose ADA in the list of assets, select the Earn subscription (Basic or Advanced) and click “Start”.

If you supplied ADA before 21st December 2023, your subscription rate will automatically change to the higher one. Enjoy profiting with!

Start Earn subscription