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Achievements on EXMO: don’t miss your chance to win prizes

Two out of five traders have already collected 50 achievements on EXMO and received the EXMO merch pack along with the EXMO Premium Pro package. Seize this great opportunity to win cool prizes!

Achievements winners

We have recently congratulated the first winners who unlocked 30 and 50 achievements on EXMO. Today we are pleased to announce that more than 50 traders have already collected 30 achievements. The first 50 lucky ones have received the EXMO Premium Advanced package.

Two of the five most active traders have unlocked 50 achievements and won the awesome merch pack and the EXMO Premium Pro package for 3 months.

Hurry! You still have the opportunity to win unique prizes! Trade even more actively and become one of the first 5 crypto fans to collect 50 achievements on EXMO!

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