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Support on EXMO. How does it work?

EXMO cryptocurrency platform is continually improving the performance including support services. Find out the answers to any questions about EXMO support.


What do you need to know about EXMO support?

Support team increased more than by 2.5 times due to the rapid market expansion, and increased number of active traders on the platform for the last two months. EXMO team extension and business-processes optimization will enable the effective work of the platform providing the quality services and wide range of trading opportunities.

Support on EXMO

How does support work?

EXMO support is working day and night (24/7) with no breaks and off days to ensure reliable and effective services.

Our managers are compulsorily examining all inquiries in the order of arrival. EXMO team kindly requests not to create more than two tickets on one and the same issues – otherwise, that will increase the total amount of tickets, and extend response time.

Mailout is exclusively exercised from the domain email (for example, [email protected]). The letters sent by EXMO support team exclusively come from the following e-mail: [email protected].

write to support

When is it necessary to write to support?

It is strongly recommended that you read through EXMO FAQ before ticket (inquiry) is registered.

EXMO FAQ is a set of instructions and recommendations, which are always available on the platform’s website. The chapter contains answers on the most frequently asked questions in the following categories:

  • General
  • Verification
  • Trading features
  • Account security
  • Platform features
  • Wallet
  • API
  • System errors

If no answer on a question is found in EXMOWIKI, an inquiry is to be sent to the support.

EXMO team does all the necessary to improve platform’s performance, intending to upgrade EXMOWIKI knowledge base in the nearest future – follow the news.

Ticket registration is compulsory under the case of one of the following errors:

  • Error 10220 (output lock by administrator);
  • Error 10827 (trading lock by administrator);
  • Error 10325 (confirm your e-mail), if you did not receive a confirmation letter;
  • Error 10403 (error with 6 confirmations), if you still receive an error notification (after 1-2 hours).
Attention! An enquiry is to be sent to the support from the email of the user’s profile registration on EXMO.

How to write to support?

Go to to write to EXMO support service. Register on this EXMO support site.

Attention! A user needs to indicate login and email of his/her profile on EXMO in the application form on the support site.

support site

What information is to be sent a support manager?

Having registered on the website of the support services, a user has to fill in the application form and put the detailed information on the issue in there.

Attention! Support managers do never ask the users to provide a password to their profiles on EXMO.

Support managers

What subject is to be specified in the ticket before inquiry is sent?

It is important to clearly specify the matter. For example:

  • Issues on deposit/withdrawal of the fiat funds;
  • Issues on deposit/withdrawal of the cryptocurrency funds;
  • Access recovery;
  • Profile activation;
  • Issues on security breach;
  • Issues on payment systems;
  • Issues on card verification/Verification, selfie;
  • Other issues.

What information is to be provided in the ticket?

When filling in the form, in the description, it is essential to provide the login and e-mail of the user’s profile on EXMO. It will help manager to identify the user.

A user has to thoroughly describe the issue and provide all the necessary information, which the user believes is likely to assist the manager, if he/she wants the issue to be solved efficiently. A user may also provide the additional information in form of the attachment in case of need. The admissible format of the attachment – jpg or png, links, or any other formats are not admitted.

No matter what kind of problem is, the user must put login and e-mail of his/her profile on EXMO.

What is an average response time?

Depending on the matter of the issue, and quality of the information and data provided, an inquiry is regarded 24 hours or more.

Read more about account and banking card verification in forthcoming materials on EXMO.