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Trade profitably with EXMO Premium: receive fees discounts of up to 100%

We have launched the EXMO Premium program, which will replace EXMO Cashback. Trade with a larger trading volume without incurring further cashback charges.

Trade on EXMO with reduced trading fees. Previously, a full commission was charged for each trade with a daily cashback, following discount calculation. Starting today, you will be able to trade with reduced fees applied immediately when a trade is made. Thanks to this, you will have more available funds on your balance for trading.

With the launch of EXMO Premium packages, all current commission discount levels will remain unchanged. If you already have a discount, it will remain unchanged.

Buy EXMO Premium packages from $1 and trade even more profitably, by receiving fixed discounts:

  • On trading commissions from 15% to 100%.
  • For any trading volume.
  • For all crypto pairs.

You can buy the package in EXMO Coin (EXM), which will be added to the quarterly token burn to stimulate growth of the coin.

Buy EXMO Premium