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Make trading more fun – collect achievements on EXMO

Cryptocurrency trading is becoming even more fun. We have launched a new section on EXMO called ‘Achievements’. Trade actively, unlock achievements and win prizes.

Achievements on EXMO

Trading on EXMO is not only about charts and numbers. It’s time to surf the wonderful world of crypto and gather your own collection of achievements. Get ready to become a Crypto boss or EXM Jedi with over 50 achievements in various categories.

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How to collect achievements

Achievements get unlocked when you are active on EXMO. It’s that simple. Every achievement has a description of actions that you need to complete to collect it.

Buy and hold EXMO Coin

The more EXM you buy and hold, the more achievements you can collect.

Increase your trading volume

Increase your 30-day trading volume in all available trading pairs to collect even more achievements.

Trade non-stop

Feel like a true marathon runner while trading. Trade for 5, 21, 42, or even 90 days in a row.

Make deposits in crypto and fiat

Make deposits in crypto and fiat equivalent of $500, $1,000, and $1,500 via various deposit methods.

Use the EXMO referral program

Invite more friends through the referral program and unlock more achievements. Start to benefit from being the life of the party.

Special prizes for the quickest

We have cool prizes for the most active traders!

The first 5 users who collect 50 achievements will receive a merch pack and the free Pro EXMO Premium package for three months.

The first 50 users who collect 30 achievements will receive the free Advanced EXMO Premium package for three months.

EXMO merch pack EXMO Premium Advanced

View your achievements

The entire collection of achievements is waiting for you in the Achievements section on the EXMO website, which can also be accessed through the More tab in your mobile app. We recommend keeping your apps up to date to have access to our latest features. And if you haven’t yet installed our app, it’s high time to do so.

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As you can see, trading crypto on EXMO is fun and exciting. Be active, unlock achievements and win awesome prizes!

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