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Enhancing customer experience with new support channels

More channels to provide prompt customer support are now available. Get help at any time via the EXMO mobile app, Telegram and online web chat.

EXMO support center

EXMO has always prided itself in the excellent customer support it provides its traders. Our dedicated team members are ready to help you 24/7. Be it questions regarding deposits, withdrawals or the order type that will work best for you, our extensive knowledge base and support agents are here to provide you with all required information.

We’re constantly working on improving our services and extending channels where you can get a prompt reply regarding trading on EXMO or any other questions you may have. Now you can contact our support team not only via email or through the request form, but also get help in real time via the EXMO mobile app, Telegram and web chats.

Mobile app chat

Get professional assistance while on the go directly through the mobile app. Simply go to the ‘Support’ section in the ‘More’ tab and submit your message.

Mobile app chat

Try the EXMO mobile app today

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Telegram chat

Ask questions and receive immediate responses by using our Telegram chatbot – @EXMO_support_bot. Designed with the customer in mind, the chatbot will provide assistance for standard enquiries

Web chat

We have added an online web chat feature on our blog pages. To start a chat, simply click on the blue field on the sidebar and enter details.


EXMO Wiki is a great source of information about the platform’s trading features, as well as troubleshooting. In case you have any additional questions you can always contact our customer support agent by simply submitting a request, specifying your account details and your question.

Email support

Email communication remains a primary communication channel for issues requiring the proof of personal information. Write to us at [email protected] in case you have any security-related questions.

Enjoy trading on EXMO with our support team ready to provide assistance 24/7, across all time zones.