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EXMO Announces New Commission and Cashback System

Shortly, we will launch a new commission and cashback system. Today, we want to focus on the reasons for these changes and describe in detail the perks of the new approach.

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The number one priority for EXMO has always been excellent service quality. Every day we strive to make trading for our customers even more profitable. In the near future, we will launch a new commission and cashback system. As we near the release date, we will provide new rates of trading commissions, an updated Cashback grid, and completely redesigned Premium Cashback packages. Today, we want to focus on the reasons for these changes and describe in detail the perks of the new approach.

The advantages of the new system

Cost-efficient commissions for active traders

While developing the new system, we sought to make it more competitive and profitable for active traders. To achieve this, our team has balanced and tested 15 different commission grids using historical trading data from all the users on the exchange. We chose the one that showed the most favourable outcome for active traders. They will start spending less on commission compared with the current conditions.

Competitive rates

It is a practical standard of the industry that the trading commission depends on the user’s trade volume per month. With the implementation of the new commission and Cashback system, EXMO rates will become competitive compared with other crypto exchanges.

Crafting a new approach, we took the experience of active traders into account. The goal was to achieve effective commissions that would be equal to or lower than the rates on the leading crypto exchanges.

Improved EXMO Cashback

We are completely updating the EXMO Cashback grid. Cashback will become available for the users with a trading volume starting from 1 000 USD per month. In addition, new cashback levels will take effect: up to 5 000 USD, 10 000 USD, 25 000 USD, and 50 000 USD. As a result, 99% of EXMO users will be able to use cashback.

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Updated Premium Cashback

We have thoroughly reviewed the existing Premium Cashback packages and made them even more profitable for users. There remain four tariff plans for the same price, but the terms of the discounts will improve significantly.

Users of each trading level will receive a suitable Premium Cashback package guaranteeing a positive ROI. The benefits of the plan will not only cover the costs for its purchase but also bring additional profit.

Premium Cashback PRO with 100% discount

In the improved Premium Cashback, we designed a package with a 100% discount on the trading commission. With this purchase, users will not only be able to reduce the trading commission for Maker transactions but also receive a 100% cashback.

Integrated conditions for market makers

In the new tariff plans, we included an automatic cashback option of more than 100% (rebate payments) on Maker transactions for traders with large trading volumes.

It will signify integrated conditions for market makers. With the new approach, users will not have to spend time signing individual contracts to receive rebates for transactions. All traders with a particular trading volume will receive a rebate with cashback daily.

Forecasted increase of EXMO Coin value

We expect the new changes will significantly increase the demand for Premium Cashback packages. Since you will be able to buy the tariff plans by paying in EXMO Coin, the value of the currency will increase. Thus, the new system will be extremely beneficial for the owners of EXMO.

To summarize

The described advantages are not just big words, but facts backed by data. In the near future, we will provide full information about the new rates. Calculated effective commissions for each type of trading level, as well as data on the effectiveness and ROI of all Premium Cashback packages, will be available to all the users. We are confident that the updated Cashback and effective commission system will substantially improve the user experience on EXMO exchange.