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Earn’s APY comparison: vs CEXs

We compared annual rates of a few assets for Earn programs among popular crypto exchanges. No surprise: offers amazing rates compared to top-tier CEXs!

We hope you’re already familiar with our new Earn program: the one that maximises the potential of your crypto and provides an attractive yield by supplying assets to gain rewards! 🤩

“It pays off to be with” – these aren’t just empty words. Experience the comparative profitability of our Earn program against other popular crypto exchanges 😎

If you already have an account, start supplying assets today to earn your rewards. You can receive up to 4.5% APY for supplying ETH! And for all newcomers, we have an even better offer starting on 15th July 2023, with a remarkable 65% APY on stablecoins. Stay tuned and take advantage of your crypto!

Sources: Binance Simple Earn, Kraken Staking, ByBit Fixed Term Earn

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