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Basic trading fee was reduced to 0.3%

Updated trading fees have come into effect on the EXMO exchange. Now, the basic trading fee is 0.3% and only 0.1% for Crypto/USDT and USDC/Crypto trading pairs.

Reduced Fee

There has been a lot of excitement in the crypto market this winter but spring is expected to be even more stirring. Therefore, we have reduced trading fees.

Starting today, the basic trading fee on EXMO is only 0.3%.

What’s more, effective fees for traders with a 30-day trading volume of up to USD 25,000 have become lower.

For more details about current effective trading fees, click here.

  • For Crypto/USDT, as well as USDC/BTC and USDC/ETH trading pairs, we have set the lowest basic trading fee available on the market at only 0.1%.

And, better still, from now on, Cashback is available for these trading pairs. The higher your trading volume, the lower your effective fee.

  • We have also made changes to Premium Cashback packages. Effective fees for Basic and Standard packages are already lower. Use EXMO Premium Cashback to reduce your trading fees.

Premium Cashback packagesPremium Cashback packages

To find out more about EXMO Premium Cashback packages and purchase them, please follow this link.

We are sure that reduced basic and effective trading fees will allow you to trade even more actively😉