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Advantages of EXM Tokenholders: VIP Cashback Rates

EXM token becomes available on EXMO. Now, all EXMO Coin holders can purchase an additional cashback rate to cut of commissions up to 50%.

Тарифные пакеты Cashback

Today we will tell you how the Cashback works and what packages exist on EXMO.

What is Cashback?

Cashback is a tool for traders, which allows to return some part of the commission for the completed (successful) transactions. Mostly it is used if your trading volume is large. The larger the trading volume is, the higher the percentage of the commission you get back.

Cashback is credited daily depending on the Taker or Maker rate: the system is calculating the return commission in an automatic mode. The return commission is being paid in the Trade currency, the payment will occur the following day.

What are the Cashback packages?

Do you want to have a discount for completed (successful) trading operations, but it seems like you are not able to have the required trading volume to receive Cashback? Now it’s not a problem, we have made a solution: you can now buy the desired Cashback rate discount size (can be paid only in EXM tokens).

What additional packages are available on the platform?

Our goal was to make a new function available for all the users. Therefore, the minimum Cashback package will cost you only $1. We’ve prepared 4 different packages of services worth: $1, $10, $100 and $500. The Cashback rate fee return depends on the cost of the chosen package. And, using Premium Cashback you’ll receive a refund of fees (stated in the package) regardless of your trading volume.

More details you can find following the link.

The advanced packages:

Cashback rate

Package cost



30 days






10 USD



100 USD



500 USD

How to buy the Premium Cashback rate?

Here are the steps to purchase the special Cashback rate:

  1. Sign on the platform
  2. Make sure you have enough EXM tokens in your account.
  3. Follow the Cashback page and choose the package you want to apply.

We remind you that Premium Cashback service is paid only in EXMO Coin tokens (at the exchange rate at the time of purchase) and is valid for the chosen period.

The ability to purchase the Premium Cashback rate is the first step of the EXM token implementation to the exchange’s ecosystem.

We plan to expand EXMO Coin integration into existing exchange services in the near time. New functions such as Copy Trading and access to Cloud Mining services will be available soon.