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Advanced trading becomes Professional: what has changed for you

We continue to improve the platform by upgrading our trading pages. Starting now, Advanced Mode has evolved into Pro Mode, offering sophisticated trading features.

Pro Mode

Find out what’s changed with the latest update!

💻 Streamlined interface: we’ve simplified the menu by removing the “Professional” option, making the interface cleaner and more intuitive. From now on, only Simple and Advanced trading options are available again. Choose the one that suits you best!

🚀 Universal activation: Pro Mode is now the default interface for all users, regardless of previous settings, ensuring everyone enjoys advanced capabilities. To instantly access Pro Mode’s features and user experience, simply click on the “Advanced” trading option.

Why Pro Mode?

Pro Mode signifies the evolution of our platform, embodying Advanced 2.0. We’ve meticulously crafted this interface based on competitor analysis and best practices, especially concerning order forms.

Pro Mode offers an intuitive user experience which is adaptable to all screen resolution. It also includes features like Margin trading (where available), quick wallet access and real-time news updates, providing comprehensive market insights at your fingertips.

Your choice matters

We acknowledge change can be daunting. While Pro Mode represents the future of trading, we value your freedom of choice. You can switch back to the old interface in settings, empowering you to tailor your trading experience.

Embrace the future of trading with Pro Mode today! Make the best of unparalleled trading sophistication, seamless navigation and advanced functionalities as you explore financial markets. Happy trading!