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Supercharging your crypto holdings: 10 new assets added to Earn

We are thrilled to end the summer season with a massive upgrade to our Earn program! Say hello to not one, not five, but ten brand-new assets that you can now start earning rewards with.’s Earn program is your golden ticket to earning rewards on your crypto holdings. It’s a seamless and secure way to put your assets to work by getting a monthly yield.

To offer you more options for turbocharging your assets, we’ve added 10 new cryptos to Earn!

Starting today, you can be rewarded by supplying ALGO, EURT, GUSD, LINK, LTC, NEAR, SUI, SOL, TON and TRX. Start your Earn subscription now and receive an impressive APY of up to 8% with NEAR!

Ready to seize this golden opportunity? Swing by our Earn program page to get a closer peek at the stellar newcomers. Don’t let the chance slip away to stack up rewards on the assets that match your crypto vision.

Seize the opportunity today and make the most of your crypto assets! 🚀🌟

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