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EXMO Exchange Joins CryptoUK

As a UK-registered exchange, at EXMO we believe that transparency is the number-one condition for the development of the crypto industry. Our team fully supports initiatives aimed to popularize and strengthen crypto’s role in the global financial market.

EXMO Joins CryptoUK

That is why we are excited to announce that EXMO has officially joined the CryptoUK community. EXMO will collaborate with other members to support the development of appropriate regulation in the UK, to ensure consumer safety, the promotion of best practice, and to provide certainty and clarity for crypto-asset financial service providers.

“Since our launch, in early 2018, CryptoUK has built meaningful relationships, with industry participants, regulators and policymakers. We are delighted to welcome our new Community Member, EXMO. We look forward to working with them to help develop a supportive regulatory framework for crypto-asset businesses and customers in the U.K.”,

Ian Taylor, Crypto UK Chair

As a new member of the CryptoUK, EXMO will work with industry participants, regulators and policymakers to facilitate crypto’s adoption and recognition in the UK and worldwide.

“EXMO is proud to become a part of CryptoUK. We believe that collaboration of crypto projects is vital for the growth of crypto industry and for the development of the best practices for market participants”,

Sergey Zhdanov, EXMO COO

About CryptoUK

Launched in March 2018, CryptoUK is the U.K.’s trade association representing the digital asset sector. Community members, composed of leading companies from across the sector, believe that crypto and digital assets can help enhance the way we undertake financial transactions, to the benefit of consumers, business and security.

The project’s main goal is to help educate policymakers and regulators about the crypto and digital asset industry to develop a balanced and fit-for-purpose regulatory framework for the UK. By working together with policymakers and with each other, we can ensure that the U.K. fulfils its potential to be a global leader in this exciting new industry.