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Withdrawals/deposits for 30+ cryptocurrencies are available again

Our team continues to restore the full-fledged functionality of the exchange. We have already enabled deposits/withdrawals for more than 30 cryptocurrencies.

We are doing our best to re-establish the main functionality for crypto assets. As promised, we will continue to inform you and provide updates on the platform:

  • Deposits and withdrawals for 18 other popular cryptocurrencies have been enabled: BCH, BTC, BTG, DASH, DOGE, ETC, ETH, HAI, LTC, USDT (ERC20), TRX, USDT (TRC20), VLX, WAVES, XLM, XRP, ZEC and SMART.
  • Deposits and withdrawals for 18 ERC-20 tokens have been enabled: OMG, USDC, ROOBEE, MKR, GUSD, EXM, ZRX, IQN, SGR, DAI, MNC, LINK, UNI, HB, HP, YFI, CHZ and PRQ.

Please note that before making deposits of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies, you need to generate a new wallet address. Deposits sent to old addresses (created before 21/12/2020) after 31/12/2020 will not be credited.

Due to increased security measures, delays in cryptocurrency withdrawal operations may occur. Short-term shutdowns of overloaded withdrawal directions are possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We will continue to inform you and provide updates on the platform.