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Top up your balance with USDC via the Solana network

We are thrilled to announce that you can now deposit USD Coin (USDC) directly to your account via the Solana network! This addition expands your deposit options and leverages the speed and efficiency of Solana for your USDC transfers.

Why Solana for USDC? Solana offers several benefits for USDC deposits:

Faster transactions. Experience lightning-fast transaction speeds compared to traditional blockchains.

Lower fees. Enjoy significantly reduced fees compared to other networks.

How to top up your balance with USDC 👇

  1. Log in to your account and go to the Wallet section.
  2. Find USDC in the list of cryptocurrencies and click “Deposit”.
  3. Choose the Solana deposit method, then copy the wallet address or scan its QR code to proceed with the transaction.
Through the Wallet section, you can also easily withdraw your USDC. Just click on the “Withdraw” button, select the network for withdrawal, specify the wallet address and the withdrawal amount in USDC.

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