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Special offer: top up your balance in USD, EUR, PLN and GBP with a 0% fee

We have got fantastic news to enhance your crypto journey! Take advantage of our special deal with a 0% fee for USD, EUR, PLN and GBP deposits. Effortlessly top up your balance via Visa/Mastercard without any additional costs!

Trading on just became even more rewarding. Say goodbye to worrying about fees chipping away at your deposits!

You can now effortlessly boost your balance with your preferred currency and enjoy a completely fee-free process.

We always prioritise the security of your funds. To ensure a seamless process, please note that funds deposited from an unverified bank card won’t be approved. Don’t worry, if any such deposits occur, we’ll promptly return them to you, deducting only the necessary transaction fees.

If you haven’t verified your card yet, please do so to top up your balance and access a crypto world full of possibilities!

How to top up your balance on

  1. Log in to your account and go to the Wallet section.
  2. Find USD, EUR, PLN or GBP in the list of currencies and click “Deposit”.
  3. Choose the Visa/Mastercard method and fill in the details.


Investing in cryptocurrencies is the personal responsibility of each trader. We are not responsible for any possible losses incurred as a result of trading operations. Also, remember the DYOR rule (Do Your Own Research) when choosing a project to invest in.

Grab this excellent opportunity and top up your balance fee-free on!

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