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The 2017 results: EXMO core achievements

2017 is coming to the end. That was a busy year not only for the whole EXMO team but all players of the cryptocurrency market. Today we would like to resume the current year and share our plans for the coming 2018.

EXMO 2017

The 2017 results: EXMO core achievements

EXMO is nominated to be the best cryptocurrency platform of the year 2017

EXMO best 2017

On December 20, EXMO was recognized as the best cryptocurrency platform of the year 2017 at the BTC Awards 2017 CIS. We are grateful so much to the crypto-community for the trust of the platform.

EXMO is among TOP-10 crypto-platforms on the popular resource

EXMO top 10

EXMO platform joined TOP-10 cryptocurrency exchanges by the trade volume.

The number of EXMO users is going to reach 1 000 000 soon

EXMO numbers grow

The number of EXMO users has grown up by 600 000 in 2017.

Platform integral redesign

Integral redesign

Due to the gained invaluable experience and platform regular users’ preferences, EXMO team has introduced a new platform design in May 2017.

The platform has seriously extended a number of its trading instruments

EXMO pairs

In 2017 EXMO integrated a range of innovations due to which, the number of available trading pairs increased from 13 to 46. Additionally, in 2018 company is going to keep extending its trading instruments on the platform.

The number of EXMO active traders has grown by 5 times

EXMO number of active traders

The number of active traders performing trading operations daily has considerably increased.

EXMO announced the EXMO Coin token startup on the 1st of December

EXMO coin

EXMO keeps extending the opportunities for the active traders through the integration of the margin crediting to the platform. EXMO is going to launch the EXMO Coin (EXO) token sale in 2018 to ensure the effective work of the margin loans.

Since the beginning of 2017, the number of partners using EX-CODE has grown by 7 times

EXMO growth

EX-CODE is an exchange of any products available for trade on EXMO out of the exchange space under 0% fees.

EXMO referral program was popularized among the platform users

EXMO ref program

EXMO referral program enables users to gain an additional 25% of profit using a personal referral link:******.

Educational content is being developed for traders with different levels of expertise

EXMO educational content

EXMO cryptocurrency platform has the purpose not only to become a provider of the quality and exceptional cryptocurrency trading services but also help inexperienced traders become more professional, along with experienced traders to get new knowledge. Anyone can get notifications on new education materials having previously subscribed to EXMO e-mail marketing.

The communication with the users has been optimized in order to reach the effective

EXMO people

Make sure to follow our updates on EXMO official website and through the official channels: TelegramFacebookTwitter.

EXMO price charts now available in mobile application

EXMO mobile charts

EXMO users have now the opportunity to monitor the latest news on the world cryptocurrency market, rate dynamics, restrictions and changes on trade with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), and Dash in mobile application.

Plans for 2018

The large-scale renovation of the “Buy & Sell” page is coming

EXMO large-scale renovation

In 2018 the users will find the renovated “Buy & Sell” page aimed to maximize the effective work on the platform. The introduction of the new analytical instruments, namely TradingView online graphs, is going to become the greatest innovation of the mentioned renovation.

EXMO crowdsale start and margin crediting introduction

EXMO crowdsale start

Having integrated the margin crediting to the platform, EXMO is going to manage personal crowdsale. People will be able to purchase EXMO Coin (EXO) tokens during the period from February 26 to March 26, 2018. Money gather in course of a crowdsale is aimed to enhance the work of margin loans.

EXMO team scaling due to the intense technical department, and support team overload

EXMO team scaling

In 2018 the major technical team scaling will be managed to ensure the timely and efficient work of the technical department.

API trading system enhancement

EXMO API trading system

Currently, we are working on the necessary API improvements in compliance with our partners’, and most active traders’ demands. EXMO team is going to upgrade API protocol in the nearest future.

EXMO platform is going to keep expanding into new markets

EXMO keeps growing

EXMO platform is going to consolidate its position as the international exchange and provide users worldwide with the opportunity to buy and/or sell bitcoins and other cryptos using national currency in 2018.

By the way, 2017 was the year full of positive changes on the platform. Due to the active traders’ feedback, the platform did succeed in professional development and overall service performance. EXMO team is grateful to all users for their trust and loyalty. We wish to all the high market volatility and happy trade.

Make sure to follow our updates on EXMO official website and through the official channels: TelegramFacebookTwitter, and by emails.

Visit EXMO Youtube channel to find out useful information on cryptocurrencies and trading on the platform.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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