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Important information for TONCOIN holders

TONCOIN’s ticker will soon be changed from TONCOIN to TON.


In connection with the token ticker change, we are carrying out technical maintenance, which will result in the following:

  • From 8th February 2022, 08:00 UTC until 9th February 2022, 08:00 UTC, deposits and withdrawals, as well as trading in pairs with TONCOIN, will be unavailable.
  • On 8th February, 08:00 UTC, all open orders for TONCOIN on spot and margin trading platforms, as well as positions with TONCOIN, will be closed.
  • If there is a negative unrealized PnL at the time of closing positions in the TONCOIN/USDT pair on the margin platform, we will automatically refund the difference based on the results of closing positions during the day.
  • Following maintenance, the PnL indicator will not be displayed correctly due to technical reasons. However, this will not affect your actual PnL.
  • The wallet address for deposits and withdrawals will remain unchanged.

In case you have any questions, please contact our EXMO support team at [email protected].

We will notify you as soon as the technical work has been completed. Join our Telegram channel to keep abreast of the latest news!