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Important! EXMO Security Incident Update

Attention! We detected suspicious withdrawal activity on December 21st, 2020. All withdrawals are temporarily suspended.

Dear EXMO users,

We have spotted some large withdrawals since December 21st at 2:27:02 UTC.

We are still investigating the incident, but as of now, the security audit report showed that some amounts of BTC, XRP, ZEC, USDT, ETC and ETH in EXMO’s hot wallets were transferred out of the exchange. We reacted immediately and re-deployed hot wallets. The affected hot wallets comprise near 5% of the total assets. Let us stress that all the assets in the cold wallets are safe.

Most importantly, we want to assure you that if any user fund is affected by this incident, it will be covered completely by EXMO.

The hackers were able to withdraw stolen funds to these addresses:

  • BTC — 1A4PXZE5j8v7UuapYckq6fSegmY5i8uUyq
  • USDT (ERC20) — 0x4BA6B2fF35055aF5406923406442cD3aB29F50Ce
  • ETH — 0x4BA6B2fF35055aF5406923406442cD3aB29F50Ce
  • BCH — qrfrw5q9gag2vp6jc5nlx0haplm2jlhx9vsvxd9u3e
  • ZEC — t1StUQiw1YyHT515xDxwxjfhEcw2iGSq2yL
  • XRP — rwU8rAiE2eyEPz3sikfbHuqCuiAtdXqa2v (tag 2033412069)
  • ETC — 0x4d9EF6846126Da2867AF503448be0508542C971e

We kindly ask all the services and exchanges to block all the accounts that are connected to these wallets. Currently, we are locating the reason for the incident and will keep this list updated.

We reported the case to the London police this morning and keep in touch with the Cybercrime team there. We also will conduct a thorough security review that will include all parts of our systems and data.

In the meantime, we ask you NOT TO DEPOSIT ANY FUNDS TO THE EXISTING EXMO WALLETS. All the withdrawals are suspended at the moment.

We appreciate your understanding and support,

The EXMO team