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CoinGecko assigns EXMO a 9/10 reliability score

We are pleased to announce that CoinGecko assigned EXMO a 9/10 reliability score.

EXMO Обновления

Recently, EXMO announced an API update that provided several advantages for traders. The API documentation is now maintained and updated through Postman, the most convenient and popular service on the market. More details are available in the previous update post.

The changes positively affected both user experience and EXMO rating on external resources. We are pleased to announce that CoinGecko, one of the oldest and most significant data aggregators in the cryptocurrency industry, assigned EXMO a 9/10 reliability score.

EXMO Trust Score

About CoinGecko Rating

The CoinGecko rating is one of the main tools traders use for the analysis of the cryptocurrency exchanges. It should be noted that CoinGecko’s reliability score is based on a combination of factors. For the calculations, the following criteria are used:

  • Liquidity
  • API tech coverage
  • Scale of operations
  • Cryptocurrency reserves
  • Regulatory compliance

Users can quickly and efficiently evaluate the reliability of a particular exchange. The portal also provides rates for separate criterion used while calculating the reliability score.

The increased EXMO rating is another indicator that the primary goal of the exchange is providing high-quality and secure services for its customers.