Back to News by Investy: Improve Trade Efficiency Via an Automated Bot

The teams of the EXMO exchange and the project by Investy have entered a partnership. EXMO customers can now automate trading via specially designed bots (portfolios).

EXMO Update developed six types of bots, each of which is adapted to different market conditions. All portfolios include five to six strategies that carry out the different frequency of transactions, account for the ratio of profit and risk, the share of entry into the position, and trading parameters. All transactions are oriented to position LONG, with a limitation of potential losses in case of the BTC rate decrease.

The portfolio Normal shows good returns with moderate historical drawdown. To achieve high profitability and sufficient reliability, consider the High volatility portfolio. There is also a High diversification portfolio, the purpose of which is to reduce risks by using additional trading strategies. For those who prefer high reliability, a Low drawdown portfolio with an average return is suitable. In addition, High activity and Low activity portfolios, which are aimed at highly-active and low-active trading strategies with good profitability indicators, are available.

The bots are now working for BTC / USD.  BTC / EUR and BTC / RUB will be added soon.

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Trading bots are high-risk trading tools and do not guarantee profitability. By implementing the trading bot, the user takes all the risk of possible financial losses. EXMO acts only as an exchange platform and does not bear any responsibility for the results of following the trading strategies and operations carried out by trading bots.