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Save Ukraine Relief Fund and $1M (25 BTC) for humanitarian aid: everyone can support us

We have created a ‘Save Ukraine Relief Fund’ to support those in need of help on the territory of Ukraine.

Save Ukraine
The EXMO team has created the ‘Save Ukraine Relief Fund’ to provide assistance to civilians who are suffering in Ukraine.

The purpose of this fund is to urgently raise and distribute funds exclusively for humanitarian assistance to affected civilians. We will not utilise any funds for the army or for weapon needs.

At EXMO, we believe that each one of us deserves to live peacefully and safely. Also, each of us can provide support for those in need. We have decided to launch a relief effort and are making our first $1 million (25 BTC) donation for humanitarian aid.

What are we raising funds for

Our funds and human resources will be aimed at helping affected civilians and those who have had to leave their homes. First, we will focus on:

  • Provision of medicines.
  • Purchase of goods in the EU and prompt delivery of food and basic necessities.
  • Making arrangements for logistics, food and accommodation for migrants.
  • Short-term financial assistance to those affected by military hostilities.

How can you help

Everyone can contribute regardless of where they are or what resources they possess. You can make a crypto-donation to our fund, and in turn, we will use these funds to help those in need.

Addresses of wallets for donations

BTC: 3C2yg4ifKdcRmJbDWS16z8PBKzBKxyba3s

USDT ERC20: 0x1e80e3e89849a96c24a179f7e32aee83be7a0543

USDT TRC20: TLrtJmzvT9HmxBmw1gyMEckWnEyKokfqtT

ETH: 0x8b0fdffc6c607816550878c59464dd13b1558e48


DOGE: DSB1HychSf7E43L883aKqixG5DWLQ2zTX3

XRP: rJu2tsxQngnBi2n1UYj3WoDt4f8Pmnd5wz Destination tag: 1182690202

ETC: 0x0e9d8f1e6540c6b8ebb745ea32545926a0466f3a

ZEC: t1ZoePG9ELy8FU8g5EgcX2rjrf93yaxe4H3

BCH: 1NZ3ncUQ6FVrAT5RcJpzyZRw3AkKcb1aFq

WAVES: 3P3evhdFZh6UJw3su9FdiAysMR5thptzHN1

TRX: TLrtJmzvT9HmxBmw1gyMEckWnEyKokfqtT

NEO: AP1M31aX1Bu11Q16dtAsbZKPJkXtJfQyJS

You can become a part of our ‘Save Ukraine Relief Fund’:

  • Join our volunteer team.
  • Become a partner to help us purchase, deliver and coordinate the supply of the necessary goods to Ukraine.
  • Raise awareness and spread information.

If you have ideas for cooperation and partnership during this difficult period, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

We will be launching a separate relief fund page soon, but we invite you to assist us now!