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The Final Round of EXMO Coin Token IEO is Scheduled for The 13th of November and Will Take Place on Several Platforms

The third and the final stage of EXMO Coin Initial Exchange Offering will take place on November 13, 2019. Tokensale will be held on several exchanges at the same time – including EXMO and Livecoin – with subsequent simultaneous listing on both sites.

exm IEO

According to the roadmap of the project, II and III stages of IEO are tied to the technical update of the EXMO platform. So, the final round of EXM IEO will be held together with the official release of the exchange’s mobile application. The III Round of EXMO Coin IEO  will be held together with official release of the mobile app, which is already being tested by users, who applied for participation.

We decided to change the concept and to conduct IEO on the Livecoin exchange, not only EXMO.  Сarrying out EXM Initial Exchange Offering once at several sites will give greater liquidity, as well as affect the stability of the value of the coin. For holders, additional arbitrage opportunities between exchanges will open, which in general should have a positive effect on the rate and capitalization of the token.

The total cap for the III Round of EXM Tokensale is 141 292 665 EXM ( 141 BTC equivalent), with 1EXM=0,000001 BTC. On EXMO, the sale will open on November 13th and will last for 5 days. Tokensale on EXMO starts at 2:00 p.m. (UTC). We’ll give additional information about the time of the Sales start on the other platforms.

EXMO Coin listing will take place 3 days after the completion of the IEO III Stage.

Some steps to participate in the Final Round of EXMO Coin Tokensale:

  1. Register on the platform (if you don’t have an account).
  2. Buy the needed BTC amount.
  3. 13.11.2019 14:00 (UTC) go to the EXM/BTC currency pair page and buy the required number of EXM tokens.

Please note: We decided not to limit investors for everyone to have the opportunity to purchase EXMO Coin. The minimum purchase amount during the III round of IEO will be 1 EXM (on all exchanges).

About EXMO Coin (EXM):

EXMO Coin (EXM) is the platform’s internal ecosystem token. EXM is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is compatible with all the ERC-20 standard wallets.  The implementation of EXM token to the platform’s ecosystem will be carried out in stages. Click here for a more detailed project’s tokenomic.

What are the advantages of being a token holder?

EXMO Coin holders will pay lower trading commissions, have access to copy trading services, and get higher referral payments. An ability to convert the “cryptocurrency dust” (lower than the min. trade or withdrawal balance) into EXM, an option to vote on coins listing and delisting.