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Final Quarterly EXM Burning: Completed

We burned 2, 217, 047.07 EXM during the final quarter of 2020.


There is a simple price growth formula for EXM exchange token:

Decrease in supply + Increase in demand = Price Increase

According to EXMO Coin’s White Paper, starting in 2020, we commit to burning EXM tokens at the end of each quarter. This will be happening until 50% of the total turnover of issued tokens remains, that is, 1 billion EXM.

A total of 2, 217, 047.07 EXM were burned during the final quarter of 2020.


About EXMO Coin (EXM)

EXMO Coin (EXM) is a token of the platform’s internal ecosystem, which is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain and compatible with all ERC-20 wallets. The introduction of the token into the platform’s ecosystem takes place in stages, for more details on the project’s tokenomics, click here.