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The Closed EXMO Coin Pre-Sale Round is Over: 300 BTC Were Collected

The EXMO Coin Closed Pre-Sale round is completed, investors bought out 352,941,177 EXM (300 BTC equivalent).

The next stage of EXMO Coin Sales – IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), first round starts on August 1, at 2:00 p.m. During the first stage of IEO, users will have the bonus ability to buy tokens with a 10% discount of the coins price.

The EXMO team has received about 2000 applications for the EXM purchase during the Pre-Sale (July 8 – 28). Except for applications, that satisfied participation with a minimum investment of 1 BTC, also we had received 1500 applications with an average check of 0.3 BTC (that is lower than the minimum amount).

We understand that the majority of users with the amount less than the minimum investment are waiting for the EXMO Coin IEO, therefore we have decided to take a rather non-standard decision – to limit the Closed Pre-Sale amount up to 300 BTC and redistribute some part of tokens (for 200 BTC), originally planned as a reserve for operating activities, for IEO Sale to maximize the satisfaction of the users demand.

Congratulations to all the EXM token holders!

About EXMO Coin (EXM)

EXMO Coin (EXM) is the platform’s internal ecosystem token. EXM is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is compatible with all the ERC-20 standard wallets.  The implementation of EXM token to the platform’s ecosystem will be carried out in stages. Click here for more detailed project’s tokenomic.

What are the advantages of being a token holder?

EXMO Coin holders will pay lower trading commissions, have access to copy trading
services, and get higher referral payments. An ability to convert the “cryptocurrency dust” (lower than the min. trade or withdrawal balance) into EXM, an option to vote on coins listing and delisting.

The more details on EXMO Coin perks are outlined here.

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Thank you for staying with us!Best regards, EXMO team