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EXMO Coin Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

The amount for sale during the EXMO Coin IEO is 425 BTC (447 058 823 EXM).

Exchange ticker Asset name Asset type The amount of tokens Nominal cost
EXM EXMO Coin Token 2 000 000 000 1 EXM = 0,000001 BTC

The amount for sale during the EXMO Coin IEO

425 BTC

(447 058 823 EXM)

IEO Start Date IEO End Date Token amount for sale Price of 1 EXM with a discount
Stage I 01.08.2019 14:00 (UTC) 04.08.2019* 157 022 513 EXM 0,0000009 BTC
Stage II 03.10.2019 14:00 (UTC) 06.10.2019* 148 743 645 EXM 0,00000095 ВТС
Stage III 13.11.2019 14:00 (UTC) 18.11.2019* 141 292 665 EXM 0,000001 ВТС

* If the planned amount of tokens won't be sold out earlier. 

About EXMO Coin

EXMO Coin is a utility token of the internal ecosystem of the EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform, based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). It is a common business model in the cryptocurrency world, with significant benefits both for the platform and for
the traders working on it. Users get additional discounts, bonuses, and special opportunities, and the EXMO platform can use attracted funds to implement new services and tools.

How to purchase EXMO Coin?

1. Register on the platform (if you don’t have an account).
2. Buy the needed BTC amount.
3. 13.11.2019 14:00 (UTC) go to the EXM/BTC currency pair page and buy the required number of EXM tokens. 


The advantages for EXMO Coin token holders

EXMO Coin is created to promote the development of the EXMO exchange and give more additional tools and bonuses for our clients. Namely:

Reduced trading fees

EXMO users pay 0.2% fee for each trade. This commission can be reduced when reaching a high volume of trades. 

Now,  EXMO traders can reduce the trading commission by up to 50% using the EXMO Coin, and regardless of their trading volume. 

Package cost:

Cashback rate Price*

Maker                          Taker                          30 Days                        
10% 5% 1 USD
25% 12,5% 10 USD
35% 17,5% 100 USD
50% 25% 500 USD

* The cashback is calculated daily based on the trading volume of maker-taker transactions. As an order executes, the system automatically credits the rebated amount to the trader. The trading fee is calculated and paid in the traded currency.
The payment is remitted the day following the completion of the trade. The service is paid in EXMO Coin at the current payment rate

Reduced margin loans fees

After launching margin trading on the EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform, users will be given the option to pay for leveraged trades with EXMO tokens. Using EXMO tokens to pay for leveraged trades will be discounted as compared to using the leveraged
currency. The exact amount of the discount will be determined after the function is implemented

Copy Trading

Only EXMO Coin holders will have the ability to repeat trades of successful traders in automatic mode. Copy Trading service can be paid only in EXM-tokens. The list of top traders, including details of their portfolios, will be published after
launching copy trading as a service.

Cloud Mining

Users of the EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform will be given the option to purchase hashing power from our partners with their EXMO tokens. Details will be announced when the service is implemented.

The priority listing of new cryptocurrencies and tokens in pair with EXMO Coin

After the listing of new coins or tokens on the EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform, they will be available for trading exclusively for 3 days (in pairs with EXM). After these 3 days period, new tokens and coins will be available for trading in pairs
with other currencies.

Special access to the IEO platform

After the EXMO Coin implementation, all the IEOs on our platform will be conducted in two pairs: with BTC and with EXM. At the same time, the acquisition of new assets via EXMO Coin will be with a special discount: which will be determined for
each asset individually.

Increased referral payouts

Participants of the EXMO Referral Program receive a percentage from the trade commission of their "referral users". You will get increased referral payments for those traders, who make operations with EXMO Coin.

Additional perks:

  • Access to the exchange chat without limitations;

  • Voting right to list and delist assets;

  • Be first to use all the EXMO innovations;

  • PRO status and highlighted login.  

EXMO Coin Emission & Utilization

The total amount of tokens: 2 000 000 000 EXM;

The total emission: 2 000 BTC.

  • 30% of emission — to be placed on the open market (Closed Pre-Sale and 3 IEO Stages).
  • 20% of tokens — to be used for operational expenses + as a preemptive option to purchase for the exchange's team.
  • 50% of tokens – to be locked up for 3 years. Following the lock-up, the tokens will be transferred to the exchange once every 6 months at a rate of no more than ⅙ of the initially placed amount for the development of the exchange's
    product and legal departments. EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform reserves the right to cancel any of the token unlocking rounds. In such a case, the tokens scheduled for placement will be burned.

Starting from Q1 2020, all the tokens used for purchasing reduced trading fees by way of an increased cashback rate (as a subscription) will be subject to utilization. Utilization will continue until the token supply is reduced to 50% of the total
circulating supply (1 Billion EXM).

The demands growth + fall in supply = price increase.


EXMO Coin listing will take place 3 days after the completion of the IEO III Stage.


Risks Warning

We remind you that investments in cryptocurrencies are at high risk.  EXMO team is trying all the best to ensure that only reliable cryptocurrencies are traded on the platform, but the company is not responsible for your losses as a result
of trading operations. Please remember that each user is personally responsible when choosing a project for investment. Full Terms and Conditions.