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EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform Has Conducted the First Quarterly Burning of EXM Tokens

The amount that has been burned is 354 291 EXM. 

EXMO Update

Dear friends,
We carried out the first burning of EXM tokens, which were received as a result of paying Cashback premium rates by our users. We remind you that according to the White Paper of the project, the utilization of coins will take place on a quarterly basis (starting from 2020) until there is 50% of the total turnover of issued tokens (1 billion EXM).

The amount that has been burned is 354 291 EXM. We want to make this process as transparent as possible, so below we provide a link to the transaction:

There is a simple formula of the price increase of EXM exchange token:

Decrease in supply + Increase in demand = Price increase

About EXMO Coin (EXM)

EXMO Coin (EXM) is a token of the platform’s internal ecosystem implemented on the Ethereum blockchain and compatible with all ERC-20 wallets. The implementation of the token into the platform’s ecosystem is carried out in stages. The detailed tokenomics of the project is here.

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