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Sögur (SGR) will soon be delisted

Sögur project is closing. We will delist SGR from the EXMO exchange.

Sögur (SGR)

We were glad to have this mutual partnership with Sögur for the last year. The Sögur project is closing and the SGR tokens will be redeemable to their SDR value (~1.44USD) until February 17, 2021.

The delisting date on EXMO is settled on February 10, 2021. Until then, SGR will stay available for exchange.

After the delisting date, Sögur offers two options regarding any remaining SGR balance:

  • Allow users to withdraw their SGR balance, so they could redeem it elsewhere, including directly against SGR smart contract.
  • Sögur would convert any standing SGR balance to its ETH value, so we would be able to credit users that still hold SGR after the delisting date.

Sögur also prepared an announcement regarding the closure to all SGR holding users in Twitter.

Sogur Tweet

EXMO Team is thankful for this fantastic journey with SGR and hope to work with the Sögur team on their next projects.