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PARSIQ (PRQ) token will be available today

New project PARSIQ (PRQ) will be added to the EXMO listing! PRQ deposits will be available today, on 26th October 2020. The first trading pairs, PRQ/EXM and PRQ/USDT, will be launched on 28th October 2020!


We’ve recently announced a new project in the EXMO listing — PARSIQ (PRQ). Great news: PRQ token will be available on the platform today!


PARSIQ stands as a Blockchain-to-Everything platform that works as a universal layer between centralised and decentralised systems. Its main features include fast and effortless connectivity to off-chain apps and devices, secure monitoring of DeFi applications, powering of real-time automations and building custom-event triggers.

PARSIQ token (PRQ) is a significant element of the PARSIQ project that exists side-by-side with FIAT services on the platform. PARSIQ developed a new blockchain stream manipulation language called ParsiQL to integrate a revolutionising feature called “Smart-Triggers”.


Can’t wait to trade a new digital asset? Don’t miss the PRQ integration on EXMO!

26th October 2020 at 19:30 UTC — the asset will be added on the exchange and PRQ deposits will be available.

28th October 2020 at 14:00 UTC — PRQ/EXM and PRQ/USDT trading pairs launch.

5th November 2020 at 14:00 UTC — PRQ/BTC trading pair launch.


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