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New stablecoins listed on secure your profits with EURt and XAUt

Our platform will now support two new stablecoins – EURt and XAUt. Trade both of them with USDt on!

EURt and XAUt are already available for topping up balance and trading in pairs: EURT/USDT, XAUT/USDT. Soon, you will also be able to withdraw these stablecoins from your wallet, so stay tuned!

What are EURt and XAUt?

EURt and XAUt are two stablecoins created by Tether Ltd, the same company that issues USDt, the world’s largest stablecoin. Unlike USDt, whose value is pegged to the US dollar, EURt mirrors the price of the Euro(1 EURt = 1 EUR). XAUt in its turn is a gold-backed digital asset that represents one troy fine ounce of gold.

EURt and XAUt complement Tether’s stablecoin offer and help it facilitate the connection between the traditional financial ecosystem and the crypto world.

How do EURt and XAUt work?

Just like other Tether projects, EURt and XAUt exist as digital tokens built on various blockchains.

XAUt is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain and a TRC-20 token on the TRON blockchain. EURt is an ERC-20 token that lives mainly on Ethereum but is also deployed on OMNI (a Layer2 for Bitcoin). Since the Ethereum Merge, ERC-20 Tether Gold and Tether EURt tokens are validated using the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm.

As of now, EURt has a total supply of over 50 million, while the same indicator for XAUt stands at only 246,524. Since Tether Gold and Tether EURt tokens are issued based on Tether’s reserves, they don’t have a maximum supply.

​​What are the advantages of EURt and XAUt?

EURt and XAUt offer the benefits of cryptocurrency without volatility. EURt allows holders to easily convert real fiat money into digital currencies. It also makes it easy to carry on fast and secure transactions all over the world without worrying about price fluctuations.

XAUt provides its holders with ownership of real physical gold with all the benefits of crypto assets, such as ease of accessibility. XAUt tokens can be divided into increments as small as 0.000001 fine troy ounces of gold so that investors can purchase gold with small funds. Unlike physical gold, XAUt is also very easy to store and transport, just as easy as any other crypto asset. Plus, you can trade XAUt tokens 24/7, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world. No location or trading hour limits!


We do our utmost to ensure only reliable cryptocurrencies are traded on However, investing in cryptocurrencies is the personal responsibility of each trader. We are not responsible for any possible losses incurred as a result of trading operations. Also, remember the DYOR rule (Do Your Own Research) when choosing a project to invest in.

Trade EURt and XAUt on with USDt!