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NEAR listed on EXMO

EXMO will now support a new asset – NEAR.

Near listing

NEAR is now available for deposits and trading in the following pairs:

About NEAR

NEAR Protocol is a highly scalable blockchain platform that eliminates the barriers to Web 3.0 adoption. The platform uses the PoS consensus algorithm along with its proprietary Simple Nightshade technology, which is the first step towards a fully sharded blockchain. With high speeds, low fees and a progressive UX, NEAR empowers millions to easily create advanced dApps.

NEAR is the native token of the NEAR Protocol used for governance voting, as well as to pay for transaction fees and data storage. NEAR tokens can also be staked to run nodes. The initial supply of NEAR is 1 billion tokens, with 5% of the additional supply issued each year. 70% of all transaction fees are burned.


EXMO reminds users that cryptocurrency investments are not only high-rewarding but also involve high risk. For its part, EXMO does its utmost to ensure only reliable cryptocurrencies are traded on the exchange, however, the company is not responsible for any losses incurred to traders, as a result of trading operations. Please remember that each trader is personally responsible when carrying out trades or choosing a project for investment.