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Meet a new crypto: PLC Ultima (PLCU) listed on

The PLC Ultima project has changed the name of the PLCU asset listed on to PLCU Classic (PLCUC). A new coin called PLC Ultima (PLCU) is now available for deposits and trading with USDT.

Deposit PLCUC and PLCU on, as well as trade these tokens in the following pairs:

What are PLCU Classic and PLC Ultima?

PLCU Classic and PLC Ultima are Litecoin-based blockchains, characterised by stability, transparency, as well as high transaction speed. Both projects use the Segregated Witness protocol update to improve scalability and the CryptoNight hashing algorithm for confirming transactions.

PLCUC vs PLCU: what’s the difference?

PLCU Classic (PLCUC) and PLC Ultima (PLCU) are native tokens of the PLCU Classic and PLC Ultima networks, aimed at solving the problem of online payments. The main idea behind the projects is to give PLCUC and PLCU holders an opportunity to pay for goods and services with crypto. Both networks operate independently of each other, but you can easily exchange PLCUC for PLCU or vice versa in a 1:1 ratio on

Unlike PLC Ultima, PLCU Classic coins are mined through smart contracts. Being an energy-efficient alternative to mining, minting allows for a more equitable reward distribution between participants. You can mine new PLCUC tokens directly from your smartphone using the ULTIMA Farm app.


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Deposit and trade PLCUC and PLCU tokens on!