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Gram: The Hottest Crypto of The Year is Soon Available on EXMO

We are happy to share that our technical department has finished testing the most wanted network on the cryptocurrency market – Telegram Open Network (TON). Soon all the EXMO’s users will have a chance to buy Gram – the hottest cryptocurrency of the year.

Gram скоро на EXMO

Since 2018, there has been a big buzz around the decentralized messenger Telegram and its coin Gram. No surprise! The key factor that has influenced the mysterious image of the future network (besides the TON Whitepaper itself) was the closed presale round among crypto whales. According to the SEC report, the project has attracted 1.7B USD. And we are happy that some investors have chosen EXMO as an exchange for future Gram trading.

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What’s so special about TON Network?

TON is a new generation blockchain. The transactions that will take place on this blockchain do not require waiting and a large fee. They are executed as quickly as Visa and Mastercard. The blockchain works on the principle of the Proof-of-stake protocol, which makes transactions secure. The architecture consists of one blockchain and 292 additional networks. The blockchain will support sharding technology, which will speed up the generation of new blocks and increase the speed of transactions.

What is Gram and how to use it?

Gram ー internal cryptocurrency platform TON. Cryptocurrency developers see it as an analog of Visa and Mastercard: instant transactions will occur within the network. Gram is based on the Proof-of-Stake protocol and will be secured through the work of smart contracts. This will help to conduct up to 10 million transactions/sec.

Gram does not assume mining. The validity of transactions is provided by “validators” who receive a commission for this. Gram will also be available for use outside of TON like any other cryptocurrency currently in the market.

More information about Gram and TON blockchain you can find in the Whitepaper of the project.

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How to buy Gram on EXMO?

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Register on the platform (if you don’t already have an account).
  2. Top up your account in any convenient way.

We will share the precise date of the listing asap.

We also recommend using a 2FA option via Google Authenticator or login option via using SMS code. This simple action will provide you the highest protection.

Risk Warning

EXMO recalls that cryptocurrency investments are at high risk. EXMO team is trying all the best to ensure that only reliable cryptocurrencies are traded on the platform. Please, be attentive, the company is not responsible for your losses as a result of trading operations. Remember that each user is personally responsible when choosing a project for investment.

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