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GNY token listed on EXMO

EXMO announces the listing of the GNY token. Deposits are already available on the exchange and trading in the GNY/BTC pair will go live on 19th March 2021, at 11:00 UTC.


About GNY

Released in 2015, GNY is a unique machine learning platform that identifies repeatable patterns and learning components that constantly adapt to the ever-changing behavior of users. It uses a wide range of machine-learning algorithms to predict defined business values and is based on its own blockchain that is extremely versatile and offers plenty of benefits for developers and enterprises.

In 2018, GNY launched its utility tokens available in two formats — GNY-ERC20 and GNY-BEP20. Both token formats have the ability to pass through GNY’s innovative Swapgate to convert them to GNY mainnet tokens and enable access to GNY’s machine learning utility, delegate voting, etc.


EXMO reminds users that cryptocurrency investments are not only high-rewarding but also involve high risk. For its part, EXMO does its utmost to ensure only reliable cryptocurrencies are traded on the exchange, however, the company is not responsible for any losses incurred to traders, as a result of trading operations. Please remember that each trader is personally responsible when carrying-out trades or choosing a project for investment.