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EXMO announces voting for a new coin listing

Voting will allow you to independently choose the next cryptocurrency to be added to the platform and will also increase the transparency of EXMO’s listing process. Also, this project will also be a new opportunity to use EXMO Coin as EXM will be one of the voting tools.

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The EXMO team believes the biggest strength of the firm has always been the EXMO users, who during the last 7 years have formed a cohesive community. To make you even more involved in the management processes of the exchange, we are announcing the launch of voting for a new coin to be listed. Voting will begin on June 22, 2020, and will last for 2 weeks!

Wirex vs. WINk

The first pair of cryptocurrencies to participate in the voting are Wirex Token and WINk. For you to make an informed decision, we will provide a brief description of each project, as well as links to official sources for more detailed information below.

Wirex Token (WXT) is a Stellar-based internal token of the Wirex platform, representing a universal fee and reward unit. Wirex was the first company in the world to issue a contactless Wirex Visa card, allowing users to convert and spend cryptocurrencies instantly in day-to-day life. It is designed to benefit user communities, help customers save on fees and let them access unique financial rewards.

More details about this platform and WXT token are available here.

WINk (WIN) is an internal token of the WINk gaming platform (TRONbet) based on the TRC20 standard. WINk has become a first application ever launched on the TRON blockchain. The company occupies a leading position in terms of the users’ number and the transactions’ volume in the online gambling industry. The WIN token owners have many advantages: discounts in the game, participation in managing the platform, exclusive features and experience.

More details about this platform and the WINk token are available here.

How to vote

There are three main ways you can vote for the cryptocurrency of your choice:

voting rules

  • Via EXM Token

Send EXM tokens from your exchange wallet on the EXMO platform.

1 vote equals 150 EXM. The maximum number of votes is 50.

Please note! After the voting results, the EXMO platform will send back all received EXM tokens to exchange users’ wallets in the same amount!

  • Via Facebook

Share a page link of the chosen coin in your Facebook account.

1 repost equals 1 vote. The maximum number of votes is 1.

  • Via Twitter

Retweet the publication that corresponds to the chosen coin.

1 retweet equals 1 vote. The maximum number of votes is 1.

On June 22nd  we will announce the start of the vote, as well as provide detailed instructions for the whole process. We are convinced that voting for the listing of WXT/WIN tokens will be an exciting and successful project involving EXMO users in the management and development processes of the exchange. You can expect new votes for new promising cryptocurrencies soon.

Want your coin to participate in the next voting? Fill out this form and we will contact you!