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EXMO And ZigZag Announce the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

EXMO Cryptocurrency Exchange and ZigZag Decentralized Finance Service team announce the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) of the ZAG token. The IEO will take place on the 26th of September at 5 p.m. UTC.

The details of the ZigZag IEO on EXMO:

Operating product
Token price:
26.09.2019 – 5 USD per 1 ZAG
(the exact price of one coin in BTC will be set on the IEO day at 4 p.m. UTC )

IEO tokens amount:

50 BTC

(100 000 ZAG)

Start time:
26.09.2019 5 p.m. UTC 
Finish time:
27.09.2019 5 p.m. UTC 

About ZAG Token

Current token emission: 1 000 000 ZAG

Number of the circulated tokens: 0 ZAG

ZAG Token Issue and Unfreezing Stages: 

  • 6000 of ZAG coins are to be sold on 09/23/2019 during the IWO at a price of 5 USD, and later distributed monthly (5 months) by 1200 ZAG (20% among buyers).
  • 100,000 ZAG tokens are to be sold on 09/26/2019 at IEO and later would be distributed within 5 months by 20,000 ZAG (20% of the purchase price) proportionally among buyers.
  • 5000 ZAG would be reserved as payments for network validators.
  • 889,000 ZAG will be frozen until 05/01/2020 and defrosted at 10,000 ZAG tokens per month starting from this date for ensuring payments for validators and replenishment of the stabilization fund.

How to Buy ZAG tokens?

  1. Register on EXMO exchange 
  2. Buy the required amount of BTC. 
  3. On 26.09.19  go to the ZAG/BTC pair page and buy the desired amount of tokens

Registration on EXMO

About ZigZag

ZigZag is a decentralized financial service that simplifies transborder payments.

Millions of people annually leave to work abroad. They send billions of dollars home, losing 4-15% on each transfer. ZigZag service goal is to simplify the mechanism of these transfers and to reduce fees. Just purchase the needed amount of ZIG tokens
and send them via a simple native application or any cryptocurrency wallet. The recipient of the ZIG token can easily Withdraw it to a bank account (the credit card) or receive cash at the partner points (shops, gas stations, etc.). The project's
goal is to make all the transactions as transparent as possible. The system runs on the EOSIO blockchain, and cross-border payments are carried out in ZIG tokens.

The system's stability is guaranteed by the ZAG voting token. Using a balancing algorithm, ZAG coin holders with large token amounts will provide stability of the ZIG's value. Such balance is carried out via the smart contract, where the executions
are guaranteed by ZAG token balances. Activities through a second smart contract are encouraged by additional ZAG tokens. ZAG token holders are rewarded for ensuring the system's stability. The TOP-21 coin holders will receive the biggest

What is Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)?

The initial exchange offer is a token sale that is held at the exchange. The key difference between IEO and traditional ICO is the emergence of the exchange as an intermediary of the process. The exchange team conducts due diligence and technical
verification of the project and tokens, assesses the investment attractiveness and potential of the project, and then announces the start of the token sale on the exchange. Those who want to purchase tokens do not need to send funds to a smart
contract (as it was in ICO), but register on the exchange and buy coins immediately from their personal account.

Risk Warning

EXMO recalls that cryptocurrency investments are at high risk. EXMO team is trying all the best to ensure that only reliable cryptocurrencies are traded on the platform. Please, be attentive, the company is not responsible for your losses as a
result of trading operations. Remember that each user is personally responsible when choosing a project for investment.