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EXMO Adds Top Cryptocurrency BTCz to Listing

On 25th June 2018, the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange added cryptocurrency BTCz to its listing. Users of the platform are now able to trade in the pair: BTCz/BTC.

EXMO обновления

The EXMO cryptocurrency exchange is expanding its list of accessible trading instruments for active traders and announces the addition of the BTCz cryptocurrency to its listing.

Users of the platform can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the popular currency pair: BTCz/BTC. Deposits and withdrawals for these currency pairs are already available via the “Finance” section.

About BTCz

BitcoinZ is the Bitcoin compatible virtual currency based on the Zcash virtual currency utilizing the equihash algorithm. The combination of these technologies enables BitcoinZ to operate as a proven cryptocurrency with the ability to offer graphics processor unit (GPU) mining to anyone in the world with access to off the shelf graphics cards, also known as commodity hardware. Additionally, it enables the portability and compatibility with BitcoinZ and other cryptocurrency blockchains.

BTCz has a current market capitalization of 3.18 mln USD (according to