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Special offer extended: join and get up to 10% APY on ETH

Calling all newcomers on as we have truly great news for you! The exclusive offer with a 10% APY on ETH for the first month of subscription has been extended until 30th April 2024. Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy a high-yield rate!

If you are a newcomer who registered on between 1st March and 30th April 2024, there is a remarkable opportunity for you! All you have to do is to supply at least 0.1 ETH and a maximum of 10 ETH and get up to 10% APY for the first month of your subscription.

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Please, note that there are specific supply limits for this special offer.
Applications will not be accepted once the maximum limit, set to 1,000 ETH, is exceeded. So don’t miss out on this incredible offer!

How to start earning 👇

  1. Create an account.
  2. Top up your balance with at least 0.1 ETH or simply buy via the Simple, Advanced Trade or the Buy Crypto section.
  3. Go to the Earn page, choose ETH in the list of assets and click “Start”.

You can also get up to 65% for the first month of your subscription by supplying USDC, DAI, and USDT, with a minimum limit of $200 for each asset, and a maximum total of $1,000.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to boost your earnings with our special promo.
Register, deposit ETH and watch your returns grow!

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