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Join the Dubai DAO Consensus Summit with EXMO

EXMO will participate in the hottest DeFi event this spring – the Dubai DAO Consensus Summit. It will be held between 16th-21st March 2021. Maria Stankevich, the Сhief Business Development Officer at EXMO, will deliver a keynote presentation, covering the perspectives for the crypto market in 2021.

Присоединяйтесь к саммиту DAO

The Dubai DAO Consensus Summit offers the unique opportunity for immersion in the world of the decentralised economy, and learning from successful DeFi projects; as well as finding out how to get the most out of digital technologies.

More than 40 DeFi experts, investors, traders, and industry influencers will provide you with tons of useful ideas and strategies, as well as share their insights on the most relevant topics, including:

  • The DeFi market – tools and features
  • The digital market ecosystem – model, tools and opportunities
  • Analysis of successful DeFi projects

The summit is held in both online and offline formats, so everyone can boost their knowledge in the digital economy field.

Don’t miss your chance! Register online now and enjoy fascinating online programs along with a live broadcast from the event site.

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