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EXMO history NFT collection: charity sale to support Ukraine

On 24th February 2022, EXMO turned eight years old. For this occasion, we planned many festive activities but had to cancel them. On 24th February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, and there was no question of celebrating the occasion. Today, we’re reintroducing some of these activities for a charitable purpose.

On every EXMO birthday, we announce contests and throw in some fun activities for our traders. This year was no exception, and among other things, we decided to present the history of our crypto exchange with the jesting EXMO history NFT collection. Over the past eight years, we have collected quite a number of stories to share.

EXMO history collection offers 38 NFTs which reveal how the EXMO story began and how it flows:

  • The story took shape between 2013 and 2022, when the team of seven employees transformed into 200 people in 5 offices across Europe.
  • Not only significant events for the company but also for the whole crypto world transpired. For example, you will find the all-time-high and all-time-low bitcoin prices during this period.
  • Have you ever wanted to see the world through EXMO CEO’s glasses? Buy the appropriate NFT 🙂

At the time of collection creation, we thought of the most interesting twists of our history, but no one could have imagined what happened on our 8th birthday. Yet, it resulted in another mark in our history, namely the creation of the “Save Ukraine” Relief Fund to support Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression.

Each NFT in the collection is unique and can be purchased at the price of 0.1 ETH. All the proceeds will be passed over to “Save Ukraine” Relief Fund for providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainians.

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About Save Ukraine Relief Fund

The purpose of the fund is to support affected civilians in Ukraine. We help families and nursing homes, volunteers and charities. Here is what we do:

  • Provision of medicines.
  • Purchase of goods in the EU and prompt delivery of food and basic necessities.
  • Making arrangements for logistics, food and accommodation for migrants.
  • Short-term financial assistance to those affected by military hostilities.

Over the past two months, our team of volunteers spent $1.5 million to support over 10,000 civilians. Also, we finance 35 volunteer organisations, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. We continue our efforts given that more than 11 million people are reported to be suffering as a result of this war, including those who left their homes. They are now in desperate need of our help. You can contribute by donating crypto.

You can also buy an NFT from our collection – not only do you save a piece of EXMO’s history but also help us support Ukrainians during this turbulent time. 100% of the funds received from NFT sales will go towards the fund. Purchase NFTs and help Ukrainians!

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