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EXMO Cosmos Trading Cup: Participate in the Tournament with the 5000 USDT Prize Pool

April 12th EXMO will be launching the EXMO Cosmos Trading Cup tournament arranged at the To The Moon platform with a prize fund of 5000 USDT.

cosmos банер

EXMO is pleased to announce the launch of EXMO Cosmos Trading Cup tournament arranged at the TO THE MOON platform with a prize fund of 5000 USDT.

To The Moon

TO THE MOON is a game in which players compete with each other, collecting a virtual cryptocurrency portfolio for the duration of the race. The winner is announced as the one who collects the most profitable portfolio. For example, player A gains 100% BTC in their portfolio, and player B gains 50% TRX, and 50% ETH. One-day market performance is the following: Bitcoin goes up 5%, Ethereum goes down 5%, TRON goes up 20%. Hence, the winner is player B, since his portfolio increased by 7.5%, while Player A’s portfolio increased by 5%.

EXMO Cosmos Trading Cup

The tournament will be held in several stages:

  • 8 qualifying rounds, according to the results of which 50 participants of the main tournament will be determined.

  • 50 participants will be divided into 10 groups of 5 people.

  • 5 rounds will be played by each of 10 groups, after which 2 people will leave each group in the tournament playoffs.

  • 5 players will reach the finals to compete for main prizes.

Prize pool

Long story short:

  • 1st place: 2000 USDT

  • 2nd place: 1200 USDT

  • 3rd place: 800 USDT

  • 4th place: 600 USDT

  • 5th place: 400 USDT

In addition to the main prizes, during the EXMO x TO THE MOON tournament, there will be additional contests with cash prizes.

To participate in the tournament you must

  1. Register on the EXMO exchange.

  2. Register on the TO THE MOON platform.

  3. Fill in the form.

Good luck!