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Join the Blockchain for Europe Summit 2021

EXMO will participate in the Blockchain for Europe Summit 2021 that will be held between 8th-10th June. Maria Stankevich, Chief Business Development Officer at EXMO, will share her opinion on FAFT amendments, De-Fi and new legal challenges.


The Blockchain for Europe Summit 2021 provides a perfect opportunity to join informative panel discussions, hear from EU decision-makers and obtain insights from expert speakers who are at the forefront of Blockchain technology.

Maria Stankevich will participate in the panel debate ‘Headwinds in 2021’ to share her view on smart contract technology and NFT legal challenges, DeFi perspectives, FAFT’s guidance for non-hosted wallets and much more.

This year’s summit promises to be as exciting as Blockchain for Europe’s previous events. Prominent DeFi and Blockchain headliners will cover the most relevant crypto topics, including:

  • A digital euro perspective
  • The impact of MiCAR on crypto-asset markets
  • Stablecoins and the international role of the euro
  • The convergence of Blockchain and AI
  • The social impact of Blockchain on a global scale
  • The future of tokenisation via DeFi
  • Taxation in the eurozone

Join one of the leading European crypto events and enjoy a fascinating program while getting valuable crypto insights😉