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The Story of the Cryptocurrency Exchange of Choice

EXMO is a global cryptocurrency exchange. The platform was established in 2014 and is constantly expanding its functionality, adding new assets to the listing, and, most importantly, increasing the number of customers. 

More than six years of operation without data leaks and hacks, flexible commissions, and fast technical support – these are among a list of reasons why clients choose EXMO. The exchange team stood at the origins of the crypto business, and during this time, we understood how to make trading convenient. We pride ourselves on EXMO’s simple, intuitive interface, allowing users to begin their journey in crypto-trading easily.

Our mission is to be your exchange portal to the cryptocurrency planet! Cryptocurrency is the future, and we will do our best to make this path extremely enjoyable and understandable for you.

There are all major fiat currencies in the EXMO listing, as well as an extensive list of cryptocurrencies. We continually update this list according to the wishes of users. Also, at the end of 2019, we released the EXMO exchange token EXMO Coin (EXM).

EXMO exchange is registered in London, with offices in London, Moscow, and Kyiv, and employs a project team of 150+ people.

We respond to a changing world, consciously choose our reaction and behaviour
We are responsible for our work and provide quality services
Customer Care
Individual approach to our customers, both internal and external
Ivan Petuhovskii
Director and Co-founder
Richard Kay
Chief Compliance Officer
Sergey Zhdanov
Maria Stankevich
Chief Business Development Officer
Matthew Dangerfield
Chief Information Security Officer
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