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Designed for high-income professional traders, institutional investors and financial companies. Professional and efficient private trading environment.

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OTC Desk

Personalised and high-touch, white-glove approach to trading large volumes. With deep liquidity and strong regulatory vectors, our seasoned managers will settle your deal fast and securely whilst offering the most competitive pricing on the market.

Market expertise and insight

All members at our desk are skilled senior managers possessing a great deal of expertise in banking, finance and technology. Available 24/7 across all timezones, they will provide you the latest market trading insights.

Security and transparency

EXMO is a European exchange which complies with a strict anti-money laundering policy.

Swiftness and convenience

OTC desk is designed for expeditious transactions. With the help of our OTC desk, your trade will be executed in the shortest time possible.

Empower large crypto deals with EXMO trading capacities

Deep liquidity

EXMO sources and aggregates liquidity from top-tier trading venues to execute large deals for a variety of assets with minimal market impact.

Competitive rates

We offer favorable rates and competitive fees below the industry standard for large trades. The bigger the deal, the lower the commission.

No ceiling for trading

We facilitate trades from $25,000 to no upper limit. In addition to bitcoin, the OTC desk supports many other digital assets and fiat currencies.

Get started with OTC trading on EXMO Prime with a few simple steps


Contact us by submitting an OTC request. Our dedicated desk manager will get in touch shortly to discuss your requirements and the process.

Get onboard

EXMO’s compliance team will provide a standard onboarding pack of documents to submit for due diligence for large transactions. EXMO managers will ensure a quick and smooth verification process.

Confirm trade

Communicate with us via a convenient channel, be it a chat messenger or phone. Our team is always there for you to offer the best prices. Simply review the rates and when satisfied, confirm the trade.

Complete the deal

Once the terms are confirmed, deals will be executed immediately. The funds will be instantly transferred to your EXMO account. A confirmation along with details of the transaction will be emailed to you upon completion.

Get in touch with us

Submit a contact request to learn more about the services


Streamline high-frequency trading operations by connecting the EXMO API

  • Buy and sell digital assets for crypto and fiat
  • Place and cancel orders via REST
  • View trades history
  • Monitor balances

Efficient WebSocket API

EXMO employs WebSocket, accepted as the industry’s highest standard. The protocol allows for an increased efficiency since it doesn’t require a separate response for each message.

Real-time trading data

The cutting-edge technology enables a two-way communication session between your software and the server in real-time.

Industry-accepted best security practices

Compliance and security have always been a top priority for EXMO ensuring the best possible protection for digital assets traded at our platform

Ledger Vault wallet management solutions with leveraged key generation and multi-authorisation capabilities.

Around-the-clock anti-money laundering department led by a certified UK-based AML officer.

Anti-fraud solutions to control crypto flows and manage risks from industry leaders CipherTrace and Acuris Risk Intelligence.

Protection from Distributed Denial of Service attacks via Cloudflare.

Who we serve

EXMO Prime caters to crypto companies and investors all around the world

Financial organizations

  • Brokers
  • Proprietary desks
  • Banks
  • Exchanges
  • Trading platforms
  • Fintech and payment platforms

Institutional and private investors

  • Hedge funds
  • Corporate clients
  • Asset and wealth managers
  • Private equity and VCs
  • Family offices and trusts
  • High net worth clients

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