Back to News empowers crypto traders with Gearbox’s grant for earning enhanced yield opportunities

Our platform has recently secured a strategic grant from Gearbox DAO. The acquisition of GEAR tokens marks an exciting milestone for, as it strives to provide enhanced earning opportunities for our traders through our newly launched Earn program.

With the approval from Gearbox DAO, our traders can now supply popular stablecoins such as USDT, USDC and DAI with limits ranging from $200 to $1,000. This development enables EXMers to unlock the potential of their assets and earn boosted yields through the Earn program.

For newly-registered traders on, an exclusive opportunity awaits in July. Our platform will offer a remarkable 65% annual percentage yield (APY) for the initial 30-day period, thanks to the subsidisation by GEAR tokens. This generous APY ensures that newcomers can make the most of their investment and maximise their earnings.

The rewards will be paid out from the yield generated by Gearbox passive pools. The rewards with the increased APY will be paid out with the subsidised GEAR tokens.

Upon the completion of the 30-day yield farming period, participants have the freedom to choose to withdraw their funds or keep them in the passive pool. By opting to remain in the pool, they can continue earning a market yield, making their assets work for them even when they’re not actively trading.

As an added bonus, participants will also have the chance to receive a unique NFT and take part in the highly anticipated $1,000 EXM giveaway lottery. This exciting opportunity awaits after a period of 60 days, starting from 15th July 2023. invites traders and crypto enthusiasts alike to seize this remarkable opportunity and begin their journey towards earning rewards with our Earn program. Don’t miss out on the chance to optimise your digital holdings!

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