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EXMO Save Ukraine supports specialised schools

The charitable project, EXMO Save Ukraine, continues to help Ukrainian children affected by the war. In September 2023, we provided assistance to two state specialised schools: the Kiliya Educational and Rehabilitation Center in the Odessa region and the Lubny Special School in the Poltava region.

Support for the school in the Odessa region

The main profile of the Kiliya Educational and Rehabilitation Center in the city of Kiliya, Odessa region, includes general and vocational education for children with disabilities.

Currently, the institution accommodates 110 children aged 5 to 17. Most are orphans and reside in the school permanently.

To support the educational process, we purchased and installed 10 plasma TVs in the school and financed the purchase of 5 tons of sand, cement, and other materials for building repairs.

“On behalf of the entire team and students of the Kiliya Educational and Rehabilitation Center, the administration expresses sincere gratitude for the charitable assistance provided during this difficult time for the entire country,” emphasised the school director Mykhailo Vladychenko.

Assistance to the school in the Poltava region

Currently, there are 104 children in the Lubny Special School, 74 of whom are children with disabilities, displaced persons and orphans. Most of the children permanently reside at the institution.

EXMO Save Ukraine purchased a washing machine, an iron, cleaning supplies, hygiene products and stationery for school. The primary school students received educational games, soccer balls, a tent and bean-bag chairs for relaxation.

Multiplying support

The EXMO Save Ukraine project team expresses special thanks to the Epicentre National shopping centre network for their continuous support and providing additional discounts for the purchase of necessary items for our wards.

The team joined forces to create a charitable project, EXMO Save Ukraine. In a year and a half, the project has responded to requests for help from volunteers, nursing homes, city hospitals, orphanages, and ordinary families 2,378 times. The total amount of assistance already amounts to 75 million UAH, and our goal is to continue providing assistance to as many Ukrainian children affected by the war as possible.

By combining efforts, we can do even more good deeds. Join the project by donating in cryptocurrency. Find more details on the EXMO Save Ukraine project page.